Spotlights & downlights

Spotlights and downlights are specifically designed to provide a focused beam of light that’s perfect for certain tasks and for highlighting key areas in a room. These lighting options are particularly well-suited to the bathroom and kitchens as they’ll give you sufficient lighting when preparing your food, putting on your makeup, and more.

While spotlights may create a wide beam of light, downlights throw illumination that is focused downwards. This is why downlights like surface-mounted downlights are perfect for drawing attention to works of art or décor that are mounted on the wall. Smart spotlights are more technologically advanced options as they come with features such as remote operation through a control stick or voice command, the possibility to schedule when it switches on, colour changing functions and more.

Downlights and spotlights are lighting solutions that are offered in tilted or fixed styles and you can choose a design depending on your needs. If you’ve got a particular area in mind, spotlights are a good option. If you’d like to have the flexibility of changing the light direction, opt for a tiltable design. Alternatively, light up more than one area at a time with multiple-lamp spotlights. Choose from a range of styles, colours, and size options and opt to use them in your kitchen, living room, hallways, and other areas.