Sanding blocks & sponges

When you need to even out or smooth a hard surface, sanding blocks, sponges or abrasives are the best tools for the job. Here at B&Q, we’ve got sanding sheets, sanding sponges and sanding blocks that come in a variety of grits and backing. Also choose from single units or stock up by opting for multipacks.

Sanding blocks and sponges help to achieve the desired finish, both before and after painting work. We have a large selection of sanding and grinding accessorie. For use with sanders and grinders, we provide a high-quality selection of brushes, sheets, belts, discs, wheels, and more. From sanding blocks to abrasives and sandpaper, we have the complete abrasives and painting and decorating materials from some of the leading brands.

Typically used to clean and remove burrs of uneven surfaces, abrasive brushes and sandpapers help to treat wooden flooring, concrete, or any other surface treatment. Depending on the material and required level of abrasion, different grit materials and grit grades can be chosen. We offer a wide range of sanding tools and sandpapers that will suit your project. Common applications include polishing or smoothing surfaces and preparing objects for painting.