Paint rollers & tools

Find all the tools you need for your next DIY project here at B&Q KSA. From paint rollers to paint trays, we stock a variety of items from brands you know and trust. Browse now and stock up on the right paint tools.

Painting tools such as paintbrushes, paint trays, paint buckets, and paint rollers make your painting or decorating project much easier. It’s important to plan and organise before starting any painting or decorating project. Here at B&Q KSA, we stock a range of painting tools for the job. You can save time and money by using the appropriate paint rollers and traysm, and these will help you achieve a professional-looking finish too. We offer a variety of paint rollers, trays, and accessories available from top manufacturers.

Paint rollers are a complete decorating tool made up of a sleeve and a metal roller frame. A paint roller brush makes it simple to paint large areas and apply an even coat. With their high-absorbent nature, paint rollers are easy to dip into the paint bucket and use to apply an even coat of paint. For narrow, hard-to-reach areas, use mini paint rollers.

Paint roller sleeves are available in a variety of materials, such as foam, polyester, or microfibre and they can be easily taken off the frame to be cleaned or changed. Ideal for different applications, paint roller sleeves come in short, medium, and long piles. These can be either synthetic or natural fibres or a combination of both, ideally used depending on the kind of paint used.

In order to match your roller, paint trays are typically made of plastic and come in various widths. The tray has an angled slope and a deeper area at one end to hold the paint. This ensures even paint coverage while minimising splatter and drips. For greater flexibility, extension poles can be either fixed or telescoping.