Outdoor seating

Stylish and comfortable outdoor seating options are a must-have in any garden or outdoor living area. However big or small your garden area is, you’ll need the right garden chair to help you create a welcoming ambience in your outdoor space. Look through our range and pick out the pieces that suit your style.

We’ve got a collection of outdoor chairs and armchairs that comes in different designs. Chairs made of wood perfectly blend with the natural look of the outdoors; add a cushion or two and you instantly have comfy perch to bask in the sun. Like wooden chairs, woven or rattan chairs also feature a natural style that suits the outdoors. Wooden or rattan chairs may take a bit of maintenance to ensure that they’ll be able to withstand the elements.

For durability, you can opt for chairs with metal or steel frames. These are sturdier and usually more resilient against harsh sunlight. Some might not be resistant to rust, however, so make sure to keep them away from moisture as much as possible.

Foldable chairs and camping chairs offer portable solutions for additional seating options. These are also lightweight, so it’ll be easy to take them with you on trips to the park, beach or desert. Best of all, they’re easy to store when not in use.

For a fun take on seating, consider adding outdoor bench, swing set, glider or egg chair to your garden.