Outdoor living

Create an inviting outdoor space and host great BBQ parties with our range of furniture, lighting, accessories, decoration pieces and many outdoor elements that suit your needs. Why not enjoy the great outdoors in your own backyard? Explore our camping essentials and accessories to help you set up a great outdoor family adventure.

No garden setup is complete without outdoor furniture. Choose from a variety of modern iron sets to traditional wood garden furniture to get the cozy and comfy outdoor zone down to a T. While planning your outdoor setup, you should also consider garden dimension, number of seats and durability of the furniture - after all, your furniture will be weathering the hot sun, wind and sand all throughout the year.

It's a good idea to create activity areas in your outdoor space. Separate areas into zones; dining, activity and relaxing. Outdoor furniture can act as barriers between zones or as markers to define specific areas. You can use a gazebo as a focal point for your rest area, or a pergola for activities and an arbor in your relaxing area. Create an area for lounging with our deck loungers and sun loungers – perfect by a pool or in the garden.

Bring color into your garden by choosing fresh and colorful elements for cushions, lanterns, lush plants and more. Tie it all together to match your style and transform your basic garden into your favorite place. If you want a private outdoor oasis, a swingasan chair - a hanging swing chair, is perfect for an afternoon nap and snug backyard reads.