Knives & cutters

Browse our online collection of knives and cutters that are essential cutting tools in any household. Choose from bolt cutters, fixed knives, scissors and more that come in different sizes and blade types so that you’ll always have a knife for any cutting job.

Knives & cutters are used in household as well as industrial applications. From snips and pipe cutters to bolt cutters and glass cutters, these hand tools are widely used in daily applications.

Depending on the application, knife blades can be used alone or most frequently in conjunction with a knife handle. Various materials, such as paper and cards, plasterboard, foam, plastic piping, hoses, and sheet goods, can be cut with a knife. There are several different types of utility knife blades available, and they are made to work with either folding or retractable utility knives. The blades themselves are usually razor-like and are extremely sharp-cutting implements.

Bolt cutters are tools for cutting wire rope, chains, and padlocks. Bolt cutters are more powerful than wire cutters. Cutting thicker and more durable metal piping and chains, bolt cutters can help to cut padlocks, wire fencing, linked chains, and thick wire mesh.

Available in a variety of sizes, large bolt cutters come with a longer lever for users to cut tougher materials. The metal construction provides a durable and dependable tool, and rubber-coated tubular handles are frequently used to increase comfort and grip.

A pipe cutter is a crucial plumbing tool for both professionals and home DIY users. Pipe cutters help to cut pipes with accuracy and cleanliness. Known as tube cutters or copper pipe cutters, pipe cutters work faster than a hacksaw and can also give the material a cleaner external cut.