Head & face protection

Head and face protection shield the head, face, and eyes from risks due to the accidental projection of debris and metal filings. Whether you’re a DIYer or a construction professional, you’ll need these safety workwear to stay protected while working. From protective eyewear to hard hats, you’ll find the gear you need to keep yourself or your workers safe here at B&Q.

Protective gear like safety helmets, welding glasses, safety goggles, and eye protection glasses are an essential component for optimum protection in workplaces. Workwear that provide head and face protection help in guarding you against heat, electrical, thermal, radiation, hazardous substances, chemical/liquid splashes, or potentially infectious materials.

Providing various levels of protection, head and face protection equipment is ideal for lab technicians, healthcare workers, woodturners, machine operators, workshop engineers, electricians, welders, and other professionals.